A 130-year-long history of evolution and growth.
A resolve to contribute to the local community while looking at the future with hope.

Since its founding about 130 years ago, Joetsu Yasuda has experienced many changes and growth and continues to flourish to this day. While proud of our history, we continue to evolve with an eye to the future. Keeping abreast of new ingredients and culinary trends, we are constantly striving to meet customer expectations.








First-generation Otojiro Yasuda (1856–1917) engaged in business as a Go parlor operator and antique dealer. At the same time, he ran a restaurant called Yasune (安音), which served red bean soup and fermented rice drinks.


Second-generation Kinshichi (1882–1958) transformed the sweets shop into an establishment that sold alcoholic beverages. The name was changed to Yasune (家壽禰).


Eel cuisine was introduced for the first time in the Joetsu region.
From then on, eel became our signature dish until after the war.


Following Japan’s defeat in WW2, business came to an end.


Sixty evacuated children were taken in.


The name was of the business was changed to Jiu-ryo, and it operated as a dormitory for an agricultural cooperative; all stores were leased out.



After the contract with the agricultural cooperative was canceled, Yasune Co., Ltd., was established with capital of 3 million yen, and the name changed from kanji characters (家壽禰) to hiragana characters (やすね). The restaurant business resumed.


In February, the restaurant was completely destroyed due to an accidental fire.
In September, Yasune Co., Ltd., was established with capital of 25 million yen.


The first beer garden in the Joetsu region was opened in the south garden.


On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the company's founding, annex Suien no Ma was expanded. The fourth-generation Tooru Yasuda assumed the position of president.


A photo studio and a Shinto wedding hall were newly built, and the medium-sized banquet hall was expanded and renovated.


The Aoi no Ma, a mid-sized banquet hall which constitutes Japanese and western style and is equipped with the latest sound equipment, was expanded and renovated.

October 1987

The new Reimei banquet hall was added on the site of the former beer garden and Suien no Ma. After a fire, the main building was rebuilt as a five-story building.



After a fire, the main building was rebuilt as a five-story building.


In October, we celebrated our 100th anniversary and re-opened our main building.

March 1997

Joetsu Fineral Co., Ltd., was established.

September 1997

Funeral home Yamato Kaido was opened.



The medium-sized banquet hall was renovated and named The Garden.

June 2004

Wedding venue Partir-shashinmura was opened at Nagaoka Koshoji.

July 2004

The seven-generation Hiroshi Yasuda was appointed president.


The Nakamachi branch of Otona no Izakaya Kakureyaoto opened in Nakamachi, Joetsu City.

February 2008

Photography studio Nagaoka Soshakan opened at Nagaoka Koshoji.

November 2008

Italian restaurant The Soul opened in Nakamachi, Joetsu City.


November 2010

The Miyukicho Branch of Otona no Izakaya Kakureyaoto opened in Miyukicho, Joetsu City.

September 2012

''Japanese bar Nanadaime Otojiro'' opened in Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

December 2013

Dress shop Ecru opened in Koshoji, Nagaoka City.

March 2014

The Ebisu branch of Joetsu Yasuda opened in Ebisu, Shibuya ward, Tokyo.

April 2014

A photo studio named Studio Andy opened in Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

December 2015

Joetsu Yasuda’s Shinbashi Ginza Entrance branch opens in Shinbashi, Minato Ward, Tokyo.

July 2016

The Ginza 2-chome branch of Joetsu Yasuda opened in Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo.

August 2016

The Takada branch of Okuribito no Ososhiki funeral home opened in Joetsu City.

July 2017

Tashinami opened in Ebisu, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

September 16, 2021

The Washin by Joetsu Yasuda opened in Yoyogi.